Crypto has provided many benefits for online gambling, and almost all relevant gambling sites now offer it as a payment method.  With so many gambling sites, players, especially those without much experience, might have trouble selecting the good ones.

This article will discuss the features players should expect from the best Bitcoin gambling sites in 2022.  These features are important regardless of the games you’re playing or the amounts you plan to wager. 

Having a Reputable License

 Every gambling site needs to be licensed with the proper government institution.  The licenses are often issued in off-shore zones of the countries that otherwise don’t allow gambling.  A license proves that the casino is safe to use and that you have a resort to address in case there’s a problem with the site.

What constitutes a reputable license is a matter of great discussion.  It’s often considered that the gambling sites registered in Curacao need to jump through the least amount of hoops.  The casinos registered in Malta are considered the most reputable, as this license is the hardest to get.

Provably Fair Gambling

 Casino games of luck usually have a huge edge in favor of the casino, and games of skill have the smallest one (but the house still has an advantage).  When gambling online, players want to have a chance to verify the games are fair and that they have a chance of winning, even though it’s sometimes a small one.

Crypto gambling sites allow this feature as the chance of winning is written in the blockchain code itself.  Any player can inspect the open source code and see for themselves if the game can be won and at what odds.

The Ability to Play on a Mobile Device

 A good crypto gambling site should be playable on a mobile device.  This means that all the games the site offers should be available on an app or via a mobile browser.  The payments and withdrawals should also be available via such a device (usually a phone or a tablet).  The players should also be able to contact customer support on a mobile device.

Bitcoin wallets are also available as mobile apps.  That way, the player can deposit the funds, play, and withdraw their winnings on a mobile device.  It’s especially useful for simple games of luck that don’t require the players to follow the gameplay carefully.

Customer Support System

 Players worldwide using crypto gambling sites need a safe channel to contact the site and address their issues.  Customer support must be available via various channels such as emails, social media, chats, and phone calls.  The support also needs to be available at all times.

It’s equally essential that customer support is staffed by experts who can answer any questions the players may have quickly and in a helpful manner.  For online gambling sites with a broad player base, customer support in multiple languages is a plus.

A Wide Selection of Games

 An important feature to look for is the selection of games available at a gambling site.  In most general terms, the sites should provide games of luck, games of skill, and games made by a variety of different developers.

Even niche gambling sites that focus on one type of game only – for instance, a slot site – should have diversity regarding themes, developers, and wager sizes.  That way, the player can keep using the same site even as their taste in games changes and develops over time.

Bonuses and Special Promotions

 Many sites offer bonuses and promotions to reward players for loyalty and attract new players at the same time.  Bonuses can be awarded right away as a welcome bonus, and those are usually more generous.  They can also be awarded for being loyal and coming back to the site on a regular basis.  Some sites also match the deposits made by the players, and many offer free spins.

Bonuses aren’t free, and players need to wager a portion of their funds in order to withdraw them or at least win more than the initial bonus.  It’s crucial, therefore, to carefully study the fine print on a bonus and know what you’re getting.

Social Gambling Features

 Social gambling allows players to combine the features of social media and online gambling.  Players can invite their friends to join in, and they can share their gambling experience on social media.  This provides an additional layer to the game.

Not all gambling sites offer social features, but for players who want them, there’s a wide selection of Bitcoin gambling sites to choose from.  Regardless of these features, Bitcoin transactions still remain private.  This is one of the most important reasons crypto payments are taking over fiat currency in the world of gambling.

Wager Sizes

 Online gambling games can be played for small and even symbolic amounts, just for fun.  They can also be played for huge amounts, and high rollers make millions in online gambling tournaments.  A good gambling site should accept wagers of all sizes and accommodate as many different players as possible.

There are also rules as to how small the deposits and withdrawals can be.  These are especially important for those wagering small amounts as they limit when the players can withdraw their accumulated earnings.

Responsible Gambling Features

 Online gambling can be addictive, and players may have a difficult time approaching this pastime responsibly.  Many crypto gambling sites, therefore, have responsible gambling features included in their offer.  This consists of the ability to lock yourself from an account for a set period of time and the ability to have the site alert if you’re playing too long.

The sites can also have the players set up stop losses and stop wins that will prevent them from playing when they lose too much or withdraw their winnings when they reach a designated amount.  It’s best to automate these features rather than to rely on willpower.

Live Dealer Games

 Live dealer games are casino games that are streamed live and run by a real dealer.  Players enjoy these games because they mimic the experience of actually visiting an on-the-ground casino.  Many falsely believe that these games are also fairer than the ones run by the random number generator.

The most popular live dealer games are the ones you would play in a casino, such as roulette, blackjack, or baccarat.  These are games of skill and require the player to be patient and carefully study their opponents’ moves.  Experienced and seasoned players also visit them.  Not all Bitcoin gambling sites offer them, but they are becoming the norm.


 Crypto sites are the most popular gambling platforms out there as they allow the users to use all the benefits of crypto.  With so many different sites to choose from, players should also look for additional features to improve their experience.  These include the ability to play live dealer games, having good customer support, and having a wide selection of games.

It’s important to remember that what makes a good Bitcoin gambling site depends on the player that uses it.  Look for the features you plan to use, and you can benefit from.

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